If you read nowadays newspapers, tickers and company press releases it´s quite interesting that the world of buying goods is almost changing more rapidly than most people expected.

What about famous Terry Leahy who has to present the actual Q4 results for the UK business of TESCO from end of November to beginning of January with not more than 0.6% increase as all expectations have been more than approx. 1.2%. What about HMV who have to present a result for christmas business of -13.6% in comparison to last years result. There is a strong correlation between between the off- and online strategy of todays business.

If we look into the german market in detail: METRO has lost 2.6% in the last quarter 2010 – and a part of METRO – the MediaMarkt/Saturn Group lost 5.7%. More than ever before in their booming business of electronic goods. They still don´t have a online shop. And yes, it is difficult to build up those to different sales channels. Even if you have to know that MediaMarkt/Saturn do local pricing due to their competitors environment. But: the best day in 2010 for AMAZON in Germany was the 13th December with 2,100,000 sold products, which are 400,000 more than in 2009. They have started with selling books, but to date the offer far more up to Champagne or cookies. And they are ranked on the TOP 3 worldwide concerning their customer base and CRM, together with Google and Apple.

Even if you look into the results of specialized online dealers for goods like notebooks (or tablet pc´s in the future) some of them made a plus in 2010 of approx. 25%. Once you have missed the story of  the changing mobile hardware business concerning the iPhone/iPad App business you can actually see the freshly anounced Apple Mac App Store. The Apple story continues. Now on your Mac or MacBook.

If you want to increase sales in the future you need to get your online strategy ready.