Facebook, Twitter, Google+? Is three at least one too much?

Who is next? Who would die? Where is it going the social network eco-system?

1st = as long as there was only one, the world was easy to handle for all of us users. Everybody was happy just to increase fans & followers and to post user generated content or links, vids and stuff

2nd = after a little education, getting common and increased functionality knowledge consumers intent to have multiple accounts for different activities in their life (e.g. private, business, fake, junk and testing/more)

3rd = with more (cross)-related-Apps running on those social media plattforms for extended services such as foursquare, yipit, instagram, rating functions and more the complexity of handling your posts, status and contents starts to driving you nuts. Every single one of them! And that is only your part of the story and your perspective. How to handle this on different accounts simultaneously?

Beside all that you will never find all your contacts on one of these platforms. Maybe nearly all on Facebook, but you still have people who are reluctant and unconvinced to join this garden party. So at the end you still need your Phonebook/Outlook/Mac contacts database to ensure interaction with all your social contacts via Phone and Mail. And this shows as long as potential competitor Google+ will not have critical mass of users combined with permanent/regular user interaction Facebook will still be the No.1 and the major place to be! Even if you dislike the forthcoming Timeline-Feature, as I do. But just for a single moment, just a twinkle in the eye: what is next? Intelligent Search with recommendations that are cross-checked and combined with your Friends ratings and tailor made for you? The timeline function – everything compressed in a story of your life? Your individual One-click online Store of your favourite brands? TV, Books and Games online based on your likes? Woo-hoo.

And: will the giant Microsoft get the job done? Sync/Cloud, mobile OS and Social Media? Imagine: from about 95% of every online connections that have been operated with Microsoft Windows OS a few years ago to nearly under 50% this year. Every second internet connection to the internet is without Windows OS. Forecast: still decreasing. Thank you, smartphones and tablets.

All you Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards – where do you follow in the future?