At our first day at CES2020 we have seen a number of trends in mobility. These are mainly:

  • Connected cars and autonomous driving
  • Trucks going for Electric/Hybrid
  • Urban transportation
  • Logistics & Delivery
  • AirTaxi´s and Flying mobility
  • Disruptors in Car Manufacturing e.g. SONY
  • and what can we expect from all the others that haven’t been here e.g. TESLA

In this article I will focus on our main takeaways for connected cars and autonomous driving. More articles about „New mobility“ and other areas will be released shortly by us.

BMW was showing a number of technology cases in their pavilion and offered a collection of cars to drive and take the experience whereas I have taken the i3 autonomous driving parcours (see first teaser picture upper right corner, short video right here).

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The Audi AI:ME was one of the attractions in my view beside the e-tron Series.

We have also taken a closer look into Digital Matrix LED and further individualizing offered by that technology in that space and 3D Head-up-Display.

„“New mobility as one of the biggest megatrends – the car to become a smart device rather than just a car“

(Jörg Bollow)
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Mercedes with a strong focus on the EQC SUV, some others and the great AVTR presented by Ola Källenius in a Keynote here, which has a electric drive and communicates with it´s driver.

We also watched BYTON, FISKER and searched for TESLA. It was amazing to see all these and trying to understand each individual overall product strategy. 

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And here the SONY Vision S as a new car manufacturer in town. Followed by the fact that BOSCH, Continental and ZF will develop own IT-infrastructures that they will provide to car manufacturers.

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Last but not least: Toyota with the announcement of its „Woven City“ one of the biggest plans for a SmartCity Concept in Japan. More about that shortly – stay tuned.