Congrats, Felix Baumgartner! Good idea and execution – well done, RedBull!

(c) RedBull

930,000 Facebook fans of Felix and 240,000 Twitter followers of RedBull Stratos to date and I guess a media coverage worth so much more than the 50 million Euro investment of the mission.

Btw: the Youtube Channel shows up with more than 750,000 Subscribers and 366,816,300 video clicks. TV coverage total share was roughly about 20% in the prime time slot (German TV market).

Isn´t it crazy that such a project has been realized by RedBull rather than NASA when they at the same weekend have taken the Endeavour Spaceship to California Science Center Museum?

We have to accept that the world is changing also in this area. Even if the scientists dislike this particular development. We need those people like Dietrich „Didi“ Mateschitz & Richard Branson.

Mission accomplished!

(c) RedBull