Can infrastructure make the pace of hardware & software/apps/cloud companies development speed? Look at the R&D facts and figures of all the interviews from conferences such as AsiaD in Hong-Kong and Disrupt 2011 in Beijing, China.
You are using multiple devices nowadays on the go and on travel to get your individual workload done. Old school multitasking was yesterday, just running your different software pieces on your PC/Laptop. And you have been lucky if the hardware and the OS worked out properly.

Today and in the future you are using a WLAN/WIFI Hotspot in a bar, cafe or hotel and you probably do it in the new school multitasking way – quite different to the past. You maybe have your smartphone, Tablet and your Laptop online in the same timeslot working on several devices. You are using intensive data simultaneously and you want it all at the same time. And you don´t care about the data traffic running over the air. Even if the service provider´s hotspot couldn´t handle this to fit your performance expectations or the hotel/public workplace business model will be ready for the future.

Consumer, Enterprise and Carrier Ecosystems are changing every day. New competition everywhere, game changing new business models like Amazon´s approach. With own devices (Kindle), own online book stores and new contractual environments/revenue share models. Imagine that Amazon is now dealing directly with book authors and therefore by-passing traditional publishers. Controlling as much as they can of their entire value-chain!

What is the future for the big network operators? Where is the new value chain and added value?