Seamless borders!

I try to figure out the next releases for the CES 2011 in Las Vegas. About news on Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread. And what about Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and a very early CeBIT next year? Seamless borders between smartphones and tablet-pc´s I expect. A firework to come for a smarter planet – hopefully.

Connected life 2011!

More and more to come. Just have gone through some stuff about the connected life future. About the future hotel for instance: where your check-in is done via your mobile, where your profiles, e.g. food, entertainment – can be saved for future travels. Where your windows are your entertainment screens as well. Seemed to be an interesting project of Fraunhofer Institute. But when do I get my Apple Playstation and my iTunes car-snyc over the Weiterlesen…

Quo vadis, digital natives?

It´s good to see all the great developments on mobile internet. Have we ever expected such a boost on hardware, services & networks? Not to talk about the cloud, Apps and OS. It´s really great to have the choice on all this! Move ahead all you Windows Phone 7 and Android initiatives. Can´t wait to see more stuff like the HTC Mozart 7 & Co.

Thinking about the tablet!

Preparing some data for a presentation on the tablet-pc market. Did you know that the market share from Apple is something around 20% worldwide by EoY? We are talking about roughly 19,5 Mio units by end of this year in total. Crazy! Who would win the 1st race? Apple, Samsung? What about Toshiba or Cisco?

Hello world!

Dear all, don´t wonder – after nearly one year of my website it was time for a change. Until today the static old website is replaced by this new dynamic website. I am looking forward to give you more realtime information value. Best regards, Joerg