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| Smart Shapeshifters

Shape shifting devices named Morphees will be the next generation of mobile devices, where users can download apps that embed a dedicated form factor. A new generation of smartphones and tablets to come. Anne Roudaut and her fellows from the Department of Computer Science at Bristol University created some great ideas!

Digital | Life

From digital natives, to digital naturals to digital immigrants. Doesn´t matter as long as we make the planet a little bit smarter. I really like these pictures from Deutsche Telekom and Samsung. And at the end: you can really switch off your smartphone, believe me! (c) Deutsche Telekom (c) Samsung

The post PC-era.

Just seen: two new tvc´s from Google and Apple. I guess there is no doubt that we have entered the post PC-era. There are several new ways of working out there. I just a question of time for saying good-bye to some stuff of todays workplaces, even on hardware as well on software pieces and it´s functionalities – how we…

New world order?

After the announcement of Google to become „Googorola“ and buying Motorola the whole ecosystem of this environment has to re-think their business models. Today we received the information that HP is spinning-off it s PC division. Could this be the end of the vertical integration of HP Computers? Even though the „Googorola“ deal forces the established marketplayers to do their…