| Smart Shapeshifters

Shape shifting devices named Morphees will be the next generation of mobile devices, where users can download apps that embed a dedicated form factor. A new generation of smartphones and tablets to come. Anne Roudaut and her fellows from the Department of Computer Science at Bristol University created some great Weiterlesen…

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Digital | Life

From digital natives, to digital naturals to digital immigrants. Doesn´t matter as long as we make the planet a little bit smarter. I really like these pictures from Deutsche Telekom and Samsung. And at the end: you can really switch off your smartphone, believe me! (c) Deutsche Telekom (c) Samsung

New world order?

After the announcement of Google to become „Googorola“ and buying Motorola the whole ecosystem of this environment has to re-think their business models. Today we received the information that HP is spinning-off it s PC division. Could this be the end of the vertical integration of HP Computers? Even though Weiterlesen…