How to make choosing easier.

How many choices did you make every day? How many in a week? Interesting lecture from Sheena Iyengar. Watch it to gain insight of her survey and also to know how many the average CEO has to make. A better way to handle choice overload and more. (c) TED

Lupus alpha?

Just going through some data on the german fashion market. Just found these turnover figures from 2008 (in Million Euros) Arcandor  4.116, Otto 3.480, C&A 2.954, Metro 2.539, Hennes & Mauritz 2.476, Tengelmann 1.568, Peek & Cloppenburg 1.343, Aldi Group 1.071, Lidl 1.029, Tchibo 931, Esprit 800, Ernsting´s Family 676, New Yorker 622, Takko 560, Klingel 525. The most interesting question would be Weiterlesen…