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Perfect Moments and brand experience with iTunes Festival 2013 to create fans for your brands. 60 great artists. 30 amazing nights. 20 Million people applied for tickets. Live and free on iTunes. Can´t wait for it every year. Again and again. (c) Apple

Shopping anytime, anywhere? This is the new eBay.

After Microsoft has changed it´s logo after twentyfive years the next big player launched it´s new logo: eBay. Seventeen years later we see the new style which is part of the transformation process to the positioning „shopping anytime, anywhere“. Let us see where this takes us in our customer journey.

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25 years | Change

Congrats, Microsoft! It looks like MSFT is entering a new era of the whole company these days. Go-to-market: Windows 8 to come, Surface to arrive plus more. And now new logo  as introduced today on Microsoft.com: „In advance of one of the most significant waves of product launches in Microsoft’s Weiterlesen…