The most attractive thing about CES is in my view the content amplitude and profundity that is offered to it’s visitors in a unique way. Compelling highlights in my view:

  1. Start-up Community: Eureka Park™- with more than 1,200 of the world’s most promising tech pioneers — and maybe a few unicorns – the Shark Tank was on the hunt to find them. 
  2. Computing: My personal eye-catcher has been the IBM Q System One, a 20-Qubit Quantum Computer already shown in 2019 and used by ExxonMobil & CERN. Even if the fastest High Performance Supercomputer is still Benchmark with 146,8 Petaflops, and the Q would need approx. 50-Qubits to beat him, I am a fan of the IBM Q and it’s Superposition beside 0 and 1 as bits as a Quantum Computer. 
  3. Artificial Intelligence: AI is on it’s way to be embedded in most of every digital solutions. It appears also in the Smart Home in various ways found at BOSCH for instance.
  4. Software: we found a number of companies, mainly from Asia, for any kind of simulations and self-learning software e.g. autonomous driving.
  5. Robotics: in Robotics their was a huge number of players around with great showcases.

We will try to give you even more impressions about IoT & Edge Computing the next couple of days. But do not hesitate to connect with us! See you soon.