Hello, consumer electronics – where is this years christmas sale? We are writing the 29th November 2011.

My touchpoints with smartphone or netco´s christmas sales are short and mainly driven by one manufacturer: I have seen the Apple iPhone 4s TV commercial several times (up to 6 times), introducing the new great camera or alternatively the SIRI feature. Same with Online – Apple E-Mails me to buy the 4s or the iPad 2 as X-Mas-Gifts (up to 4 times). And eCommerce? Well, Apple Store introduces one big shopping day for the 25th November 2011. With discount up to 91 Euros (see older article). No matter, if I was thinking about buying new devices for myself or as a christmas gift: beside Apple there was only one Microsoft Live E-Mail Newsletter to myself to introduce the new Mango OS with Nokia Lumia 800, which was honestly message overloaded and the new Amazon.com Kindle TV Commercial to buy the new device for 99 Euro.

No more Tablet-PC offers, no more new smartphones for Santa Claus & Co.? Maybe we will see great x-mas campaigns shortly.

As far as I have learned and read from latest market research: the impulse-shopper is more or less dead in year 2011. Good job, Cupertino: I guess you guys have done some well done front loading.

So, what do we have? Smart shoppers, smart phones – but more or less no smart x-mas sales.