What a great marketing programme comes these days from Cupertino: iTunes gives you the ultimate Music Festival September 2012. As we all know their have been famous gigs such as ADELE, Coldplay, Linkin Park in 2011 on the iTunes Festival plattform. Many of them presented in the Apple X-Mas gift App 2011 as well. But in 2012 there are 30 music evenings from 01st – 30th September 2012. From David Guetta – to Alicia Keys – to Matchbox Twenty – to MUSE – to Jack White and more. Imagine: there are over 60 artists playing live in London´s Roundhouse this September. And you can join every gig just by downloading the iTunes Festival App for your iPhone or iPad. I make a bet: the NPS index of Apple will increase in 2012. So – not only the share prize would be a top performer by EOY2012 i guess. Implementing great emotions via music into your brand. I like! Thank you, Apple.