We are so close to the next level of connected life. Worldwide LTE (Long term evolution/4G) cellular networks will give us a lot more opportunities as of today and enable us to do more data intensive applications, even by multitasking. The future is wireless – no doubt. And no matter how much up- or downstream you need.

For sure you use your Ultrabook, Tablet-PC or Smartphone as well with the next level software and apps. No wonder: with intuitive touchscreens and user-orientated/centric operating systems. You organize yourself in a new way in the enterprise 2.0 as well as in your private environment. Via Evernote, Wunderlist, Dropbox and Dragon you are everytime available on duty. Dragon for instance is giving you the freedom to record your voicememos instantly and converting them directly into written text for usuage by email, Twitter, Facebook and more. Siri from Apple, feature of the brandnew iPhone 4S, goes a few steps further of this scenario by converting and understanding your textmemo, if you want to set appointments and more. The phone does exactly what you want it to do – the perfect companion.

Can you imagine the next landmarks in commerce, mobility, smarthome, learning and health? Let´s get ready. The future is bright.