First of all: Facebook Timeline is a great new functionality which I didn´t expected it to be. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg! When it was announced a few weeks ago I first thought it is just about to show my whole life in one piece and I honestly dislike that approach in case of (data) privacy.

After playing around with the new options I have to reconsider my opinion. The new profile option “Timeline” gives you a more advanced toolbox of managing your status update, posted links, user generated content. Especially when you lost the overview of your posts after a membership of 3-4 years, it could be necessary to review your own history. In the old version without “timeline” it´s so tough to manage your profile and archive because you honestly never go back than more of 15-20 older posts.

Right now you can make up your Facebook profile “room” to have it nice and tidy. You can easily ”clean-up” your profile and keep it really updated.

I am positively surprised and appreciate the new Facebook.