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Okay, we have expected that Samsung will give us a good show at the radio city music hall in NYC last week, so the Galaxy S4 is there. But what about all the guerilla marketing activities: the LG Optimus Megaposter on Times Square above Samsung´s. Or the street activities at Weiterlesen…

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From black friday to cyber monday – straight down the road to christmas?! Everything is on sale. How the economy lure in new shoppers these days: Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, Microsoft – whatever company name you drop… Retail, Etail, App, In-App – whatever channel you might add from your (hopefully) Weiterlesen…

Shopping anytime, anywhere? This is the new eBay.

After Microsoft has changed it´s logo after twentyfive years the next big player launched it´s new logo: eBay. Seventeen years later we see the new style which is part of the transformation process to the positioning „shopping anytime, anywhere“. Let us see where this takes us in our customer journey.

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Hey, Normal! Take that.

Looks like Amazon is on it´s way to heat up tablet sales and increasing their already established market share as well as content consumption downloads on their integrated eco-system. As we are all expecting the iPad4 and the iPad Mini to come it would be interesting to see the market Weiterlesen…