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| Digital disruption & the iPhone´s 10th birthday

Digital disruption everywhere! No matter, if you believe Clayton M. Christensen´s theory of disruptive innovation or Joseph A. Schumpeter. Could you imagine how the world was without the iPhone? These days the iPhone has it´s 10th birthday. Only 10 years which show you how fast digital transformation and disruption arrived in todays life. At that time NOKIA CEO Stephen Elop…

| Project LOON

Announcing another project from Google´s Group x. Smart introduction of their LOON idea. More than a BAL-LOON as invented by Michael Faraday. The pictures remind me a little bit of Red Bull Stratos – by the way. Busy times for mission control these days. (c) Google

| WWDC 2013 & iOS7

Can´t wait for the at Apple´s WWDC shortly revealed iOS7 with the brand new look and all great functions & capabilities. Simplicity in industrial design explained by Jonathan Ive. Want to get this user interface also in my car and on my tv. Looks like a big achievement. Combined with the new iPhone 5s Cupertino is making the pace again!…