How to make choosing easier.

How many choices did you make every day? How many in a week? Interesting lecture from Sheena Iyengar. Watch it to gain insight of her survey and also to know how many the average CEO has to make. A better way to handle choice overload and more. (c) TED

Retention, Retention! And watch your NPS.

89% of all actual Apple iPhone Users will stick to their smartphone brand a research from UBS Analysts says. Surprised by the fact that others device manufacturer such as Samsung will reach a roughly thirty-something percent? As long as you communicate with your customers in the old school way I Weiterlesen…

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Time is changing…

Yesterday freedom was given by cars. That is was Henry Ford and others thought. Today freedom is given by the internet. That is my and others strong believe. Watch this video supplied by TED about the future of traffic in the eyes of Bill Ford. (c) by TED