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| Digital disruption & the iPhone´s 10th birthday

Digital disruption everywhere! No matter, if you believe Clayton M. Christensen´s theory of disruptive innovation or Joseph A. Schumpeter. Could you imagine how the world was without the iPhone? These days the iPhone has it´s 10th birthday. Only 10 years which show you how fast digital transformation and disruption arrived in todays life. At that time NOKIA CEO Stephen Elop…

| Brand & product experience

Perfect Moments and brand experience with iTunes Festival 2013 to create fans for your brands. 60 great artists. 30 amazing nights. 20 Million people applied for tickets. Live and free on iTunes. Can´t wait for it every year. Again and again. (c) Apple

| WWDC 2013 & iOS7

Can´t wait for the at Apple´s WWDC shortly revealed iOS7 with the brand new look and all great functions & capabilities. Simplicity in industrial design explained by Jonathan Ive. Want to get this user interface also in my car and on my tv. Looks like a big achievement. Combined with the new iPhone 5s Cupertino is making the pace again!…