| Asset Light or integration of OTT services

Asset light versus integration of OTT-services to fill the pipes? Telcos trying to prepare powerful answers by following different strategies as these ones. What to do with flatrates, data volume and speed? What becomes beyond smartphones? How to handle that upcoming data traffic in a smarter way and more efficient? And a lot more questions to answer for a future oriented business model. (c) Verizon

| Industrie 4.0 – the next revolution

M2M (Machine to machine) communication, Internet of things, IPv6 – now we have the essentials in our hands for the 4th industrial revolution and more. If we are talking about a smart industry we are now entering it. Get your impressions at Hannover Messe Industrie these days or with this little commercial from IBM. (c) IBM

| One more thing? Explore.

Okay, we have expected that Samsung will give us a good show at the radio city music hall in NYC last week, so the Galaxy S4 is there. But what about all the guerilla marketing activities: the LG Optimus Megaposter on Times Square above Samsung´s. Or the street activities at Broadway with promotions from HTC for their device ONE? Well, beside the Sony Xperia Z and the Nokia Lumia 920 we have plenty of great Weiterlesen…

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| Zeitgeist 2012 – and a happy new year!

As Kevin Slavin has explained to us in a great lecture some months ago about „how algorithms shape our world“: from the Boston Shuffler, the Carnivore or the Knife – the connected world is build on algorithms, from the whole finance sector to robot vacuum cleaner. Keep on searching – in so many different ways. Happy new year, world! (c) Google

| Chief Executive Customers in the Asset-Light Generation

Chief Executive Customer you may ask? Yes, let us talk about the CEC. In times where marketing can be less obstrusive. Nowadays more direct and personal. Less of a pitch and more of a service to people than ever before. The work of the CMO is changing from trying to shape customers desires as a snapshot – to use the amount of data available to day in order to create a holistic view of his Weiterlesen…

| 360 X-MAS

From black friday to cyber monday – straight down the road to christmas?! Everything is on sale. How the economy lure in new shoppers these days: Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, Microsoft – whatever company name you drop… Retail, Etail, App, In-App – whatever channel you might add from your (hopefully) multichannel approach… TV, Web, Mobile – whatever media you are using… Must be a busy time for santa claus! (c) BestBuy