| Project NOSE

Google’s „20% time policy“ which allows employees to take one day a week to work on side projects, effectively no longer exists? The principle has outlived its startup purpose; it may be time to grow up? Well as the 20%-policy wasn´t invented at Google, but at 3M (as a 15%-policy), I guess it wouldn´t die there either. And now take a look at Project NOSE! (c) Google

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| Project LOON

Announcing another project from Google´s Group x. Smart introduction of their LOON idea. More than a BAL-LOON as invented by Michael Faraday. The pictures remind me a little bit of Red Bull Stratos – by the way. Busy times for mission control these days. (c) Google

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| WWDC 2013 & iOS7

Can´t wait for the at Apple´s WWDC shortly revealed iOS7 with the brand new look and all great functions & capabilities. Simplicity in industrial design explained by Jonathan Ive. Want to get this user interface also in my car and on my tv. Looks like a big achievement. Combined with the new iPhone 5s Cupertino is making the pace again! (c) Apple

| Smart Shapeshifters

Shape shifting devices named Morphees will be the next generation of mobile devices, where users can download apps that embed a dedicated form factor. A new generation of smartphones and tablets to come. Anne Roudaut and her fellows from the Department of Computer Science at Bristol University created some great ideas!

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| Google Now, Google Babel & Facebook Home

I was indeed very suprised about the last changes on the App Development from LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger. Both products developing a richer and greater user experience. Showing that the mobile OS is only a dimension of the user experience. LinkedIn has shown up with a perfect new GUI. Facebook Messenger drives more fun into instant messaging than ever before. Google has launched shortly Google Now with a enriched search experience and I am looking Weiterlesen…

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| Google Glass & other wearables

„It’s a little freaky at first, but you get used to it!“ with these words Sergey Brin was introducing Google Glass at TED2013. And that it is emasculating working with smartphones he says, too. But, well the user experience is also the key factor of success for GoogleGlass and it´s first 2318 friendly/first users. So when launching Glass last summer on Google I/O 2012 we are right now at the point where we will get Weiterlesen…

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| Asset Light or integration of OTT services

Asset light versus integration of OTT-services to fill the pipes? Telcos trying to prepare powerful answers by following different strategies as these ones. What to do with flatrates, data volume and speed? What becomes beyond smartphones? How to handle that upcoming data traffic in a smarter way and more efficient? And a lot more questions to answer for a future oriented business model. (c) Verizon

| Industrie 4.0 – the next revolution

M2M (Machine to machine) communication, Internet of things, IPv6 – now we have the essentials in our hands for the 4th industrial revolution and more. If we are talking about a smart industry we are now entering it. Get your impressions at Hannover Messe Industrie these days or with this little commercial from IBM. (c) IBM

| One more thing? Explore.

Okay, we have expected that Samsung will give us a good show at the radio city music hall in NYC last week, so the Galaxy S4 is there. But what about all the guerilla marketing activities: the LG Optimus Megaposter on Times Square above Samsung´s. Or the street activities at Broadway with promotions from HTC for their device ONE? Well, beside the Sony Xperia Z and the Nokia Lumia 920 we have plenty of great Weiterlesen…

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