| My key takeaways from the SingularityU Germany Summit 2018

SingularityU Summit Germany 2018 June 4 & 5, 2018 – Berlin   AI and Robotics The development of artificial intelligence and machines has reached a point where we cannot avoid talking about ethics and morality. Machines are now able cooperate and interact with humans, and even produce things, for instance. At the beginning of May this year at the Google Developer Conference, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai showed how GoogleDuplex is able to use AI to Weiterlesen…

| Artificial Intelligence – Economic significance, social challenges, human responsibility

Artificial Intelligence – Digital assistants, robotic surgeons, individualised customer profiles – business and professional life is changing thanks to improved data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI). What’s possible today? What can we expect from AI in the future? Machines have taken off. Really? In view of the recent success of Alpha Go, the artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the Alphabet subsidiary Deepmind, this statement does not seem to be so far-fetched. The third model, Alpha Weiterlesen…

| Digital disruption & the iPhone´s 10th birthday

Digital disruption everywhere! No matter, if you believe Clayton M. Christensen´s theory of disruptive innovation or Joseph A. Schumpeter. Could you imagine how the world was without the iPhone? These days the iPhone has it´s 10th birthday. Only 10 years which show you how fast digital transformation and disruption arrived in todays life. At that time NOKIA CEO Stephen Elop has still thought to manage the turnaround – read his internal memo down below. Today Weiterlesen…

| Zeitgeist 2013 – and a happy new year!

Time for the year in review? By the way: doesn´t matter which social network e.g. Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Vizify and all others. They are presenting your personal timeline these days. So enjoy the last couple of hours of 2013 and I wish you a happy new year. Friends in Australia – make the start. (c) Google

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| Amazon Prime Air Delivery Vision

Would the delivery drones bring next year XMAS-gifts from Amazon right in time under the christmas tree? Maybe not next year – but not that far away. Look at this! „WE LIKE TO PIONEER, WE LIKE TO EXPLORE. WE LIKE TO GO DOWN DARK ALLEYS AND FIND OUT WHAT’S ON THE OTHER SIDE.“ (c) Amazon

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| Brand & product experience

Perfect Moments and brand experience with iTunes Festival 2013 to create fans for your brands. 60 great artists. 30 amazing nights. 20 Million people applied for tickets. Live and free on iTunes. Can´t wait for it every year. Again and again. (c) Apple