Apple´s Retail World: 388 stores in 14 countries. A very successful part of Cupertino´s operations. That is their story so far. But what is next to come from competition?

The Google ChromeZone at some point is only the first step for Eric Schmidt to get more visible at the POS/POP. The first POS has been launched in London.

And Amazon is one of the biggest names on the web and by far the most successful e-tailer in the world. But it seems domination of digital sales may not be enough for Jeff Bezos and his strategy. They are also preparing the first test flagship store in Seattle to research their retail mission. The route from digital to physical.
What would these shops are going to be? Today more or less hardware concentrated. But with free Wi-Fi and combined price plans/business models also the attractor for downloading paid content and buy other stuff. New and fresh concepts.

A very smart opportunity, also in terms of ROIC but honestly lower than it´s Amazon typical 35% ROIC!